Below is a selection of testimonials from veterans that have attended previous expeditions with VetRun180.  It is always great for us to hear the positive impact our expeditions make to the injured veterans.

The expedition was a great chance to not only vary my physical rehabilitation, but spend some time around other veterans for a while. It was a sort of ‘release valve’ from the mundane day-to-day life of civvy street. It was great to be working as a team again, with lads that I’d only just met days before. And seeing them approach all the problems we encountered with the enthusiasm and positivity that they used to have.

Joe H - Royal Marines

I had a preconception of turning up for the trip that I had been on.

Aprihention and anxious of spending 11 days out of my safe space and comfort zone of my little bubble at home. Was put at ease from minute dot.

The group of lads and the TL had put me at ease because we were all in the same boat.

Story's were shared and experiences that I thought only I had gone through were quickly thrown out the window, as most of the benifieries have/had or are going through the same circumstances as I am.

To be around a group of like minded individuals has opened my eyes to "you are not alone on your journey" and that would never of happened without Vetrun180.

I can honestly say that the purpose and mantra of VetRun180 has and will continue to save lives of our broken and forgotten veterans.

If it doesn't challenge you , it "most certainly" won't change you.

And this was proved and tested on many occasions over the 11 days, all for the better.

So a personal thank you to the TL and the rest of the guys and VetRun180.


Jay - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 07/23

I found myself waiting in the airport for a bunch of lads who I had never met or spoken to before. Almost instantly, when the team all arrived, it just seemed like everyone fell back into the banter and family like team spirit that is so missing in society that only serving or ex serving members will ever truly understand.

The trip was, by far, something that really was needed for myself personally, having the time away with like-minded individuals who can share their own experiences in an amazing setting was a huge, and much needed, reset for me
I was finding things difficult to adjust in civilian life and I found myself getting distant from things that were important.

The trip really helped myself understand that many others are going through the same as me. By being placed in this team brought back a sense of belonging and togetherness and adventure.
Personally, I ticked off many things that were on my bucket list on the trip.

The Arctic Circle, Snowmobiling through the Swedish Lapland, seeing the Northern Lights to name but a few.

I experienced some of the best memories of my life, with some of the most amazing people that I have had the pleasure of spending time with.
Sharing this trip with the highest calibre of people was simply phenomenal.

l owe a lot to the VetRun180 family, you have supported me and I will forever be grateful for what you stand for and what you help others like myself achieve.
Thank you to all the team leaders as you are not only inspirational but a real credit to the charity.

Lee - VetRun180 Beneficiary Sweden 03/22

I was made aware of Vetrun while undergoing rehabilitation for my injury/illness by one of the rehab team. After speaking to the Vetrun team I got confirmed I’d be on the next trip.

I was lucky to spend 2 days conducting my off-road driving/first aid course at the Land Rover off-road course followed by some immense off road driving through some of the best countryside in the UK (Whitby to Lake District)
I didn’t realise how much I needed the break, sense of adventure and the laugh with the lads and lasses on the trip.

I returned to Rehabilitation with a more positive and upbeat frame of mind.

A big thanks to the Vetrun team members and all the people that make this happen that work behind the scenes. A great charity that certainly has a big impact on the people it aims to help.

Bobby - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


Where to start with what can only be described as a dream , the amount of memories, fantastic moments and experiences condensed into 7 days is something I never thought possible , a whole lap of Portugal , from the highest peak or Torre to the clear waters and crashing waves of Nazare the in the Atlantic Ocean home to the greatest surfers in the world , as a keen surfer myself this place to me was so meaningful and will forever echo in my memories .

We traveled across green pastures and flat lands of rice fields spotting stalks and a mongoose to almost desert like conditions inches to the borders of Spain where fire ants would prove that no obstacle is too small for them to overcome.

The group were extremely enthusiastic, friendly and hospitable along with the DS team who were very well organised , experienced , well mannered and professional .

What an honour and a distinct privilege to spend share this time with each and every one of these amazing individuals who came together as strangers and are now leaving as friends and brothers .

Huge thank you to VetRun, beneficiaries ,DS and those hard at work behind the scenes who are hard at work making a difference, changing the perspectives attitudes to on a path to a better life.

It was a challenge and it certainly did make a change ❤️

Drew - VetRun180 Chef - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Andrew - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

I am a former Royal Marines Commando having served for 11 years, and soon to be retired Police Officer serving for 23 years.
Up until a few years ago I was pottering along nicely. Then my physical health started to deteriorate, my legs started to falter and I had several operations on both my ankles and knees all service related. These operations left me with limited mobility, which meant I had to change my mindset when it came to physical fitness.

I was then diagnosed with severe Asthma. This has had a profound effect on me but again I have managed to adapt my lifestyle in order to control my symptoms.
Then the pandemic hit. Due to my severe Asthma I was classed as vulnerable. Unfortunately I caught Covid and became very ill. I was hospitalised and spent 3 weeks in hospital. I was very lucky to survive and contracted double pneumonia on the back of Covid. After being discharged from hospital and returning home I unfortunately didn’t get better and was eventually diagnosed with Long Covid. It wasn’t long after this that my mental health started to deteriorate. I became agoraphobic and suffered with anxiety and depression, and subsequently diagnosed with PTSD.

It has been a long struggle for me, but a friend of mine told me about VetRun 180. I applied to go on a trip to Sweden and was lucky enough to be selected.
I spent 5 days snowmobiling around Swedish Lapland. The trip itself was absolutely amazing. I was also very very lucky to spend time with some amazing people who I now class as friends.
There is no pressure, nobody judges you, and everyone was willing to listen…. This is better than any therapy!!

Amazing destination, amazing group of people, amazing charity. Thank you VetRun180 for giving me one of the best weeks of my life and hopefully setting me back on the path to good times….

Andy - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


I read a newspaper article back in February 2019 about VetRun180. I looked them up online and submitted an interest form.

I was invited to go on an off-roading expedition to Galicia. The trip changed my whole outlook on life in general, I was in a pretty dark place at the time & the time away with like minded people was exactly what I needed.
I am lucky enough to have an amazing family but other than them I didn’t really have any drive or any goals set.

I am now a Team Leader with the charity and have been on vehicle based off-roading trips across Europe and more recently Snowmobiling in Sweden.

I have gained numerous qualifications through VetRun180 in Off-Road driving, Snowmobiling, First Aid and many more.

The concept of “Adventure Therapy” and the motto of “If It Doesn’t Challenge You It Won’t Change You” quite simply just works.

All expeds are led by injured veterans for the benefit of other injured veterans & it is because of this that relationships are forged.

Being placed out of your comfort zone & everyone having to pull in the same direction to be successful provides an unbelievable sense of belonging.

Being back around veterans who all have something in common, in that they are struggling in one way or another, whether that be physically or with their mental health & by working together to achieve what might seem unachievable to some is inspiring.

I owe the charity & the trustees a massive debt of gratitude, without VetRun180 in my life I would be stuck in a rut, plodding on with no sense of purpose, just going from day to day.

If anyone is out there reading this and thinks that they wouldn’t mind doing what we do and getting involved then, DO NOT HESITATE, complete the contact form on the website and one of us will be in touch.

It might sound a bit of a cliché however, it could just change your whole perception on things, like it has mine and so many other lads and lasses across the UK.

Ross - VetRun180 - Team Leader - Beneficiary

As we arrived at the airport a similar apprehension was in the air, as for myself and the other shadow team leaders hoping to take on more within the Charity in terms of planning and running trips.
The new beneficiaries were soon put at ease by the team leaders and then before you knew it we were landing in Faro.
We were met by Simon and some of the team and in the airport car park we were presented with our fantastic Ford Rangers which over the next few days would be our lifeline as we would be in very remote areas and needed these reliable and very capable machines which enabled us to be self sufficient.

after a few days the team cohesion started to form and we all started to gel into a well oiled machine, tents out all other admin tasks saw every member start to take ownership and simple get stuck in.
The route selection was fantastic and a number of new routes and areas to “challenge you” were found and every person was taken out of their own comfort zone and each day brought its own challenges, we all have different capabilities but we all also have the same mindset to not let our injuries define who we are or more importantly what we can achieve.

For myself personally this was a fantastic trip to focus more on the Team Leader side of the charity and to take a step back each day and be proud of what we have all achieved.

For example on one of the days we found the sunshine and had made good ground we found ourselves with some down time so the team In its entirety went to the local beach and within 2minutes we were all admiring the various beautiful views from the sea and all up to our necks in sea que one of the guys “lads this is the first time I have been in the sea” quite simple put a moment to remember for the individual. “ Spot on Bob “
I cannot wait for the next stage of my VetRun180 journey.

Massive shout out to the TLs and all the supporters as without your support the beneficiaries would not have their life’s changes and in some cases saved their life’s and their families. You cannot put a price on that and VetRun180 is the only place that has the adventure therapy which is proven to go the extra mile.

I am forever grateful to these trips and thrive on seeing the beneficiaries grow day by day.

Lee - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Lee F - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

I had such an amazing time taking part in VetRun180's Sweden trip 2023. I can't thank the team enough for all their hard work organising a trip of a lifetime for injured veterans.

It was so nice to back around people with similar stories and experiences people who instantly become like family and that is something only the military can provide a bond like no other I feel rejuvenated and ready for the next step at what ever life brings.

Danny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Danny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23

Vetrun180 are delivering an excellent opportunity for former service personnel from a wide spectrum of conflicts to do something which harps back to their former life in the military. Challenge, team work, living outdoors and having a good laugh. Great trip in good company.

Nigel-Royal Marines