Below is a selection of testimonials from veterans that have attended previous expeditions with VetRun180.  It is always great for us to hear the positive impact our expeditions make to the injured veterans.

Vetrun put me in an environment where I was uncomfortable and felt socially isolated and way out of my comfort zone...the pain was bad the headaches hourly I was nauseous and feeling ill...horrendous leap to be involved...however with a bit of trust and my own little efforts and I mean little.

The whole expedition became one amazing opportunity and experience, with each day I had to pinch myself, not just at the driving experience, but of the way I was able to appreciate what was around me. The travel, vehicles and some of the people I was with. Many negative triggers and emotions where flipped into positive emotions. Quite overwhelming in a good way. Very rewarding personally, from the small effort I was giving... I became more confident in the group and also was able to use lost skills in and around the vehicles.

Tim-Light Dragoons

I found the LANTRA course very useful, and the 1st Aid course is always useful to anyone, and a vital skill to have refreshed periodically. I found the groups of Veterans to be a bunch of guys who truly worked together , mucking in and cracking routines to keep everything on track, it gave us all a sense of purpose and I came away with a nice afterglow , that I had gone out of my comfort zone of Apathy that can often overwhelm me, into a feeling of rekindled self worth. I didn't believe a week driving a 4x4 would give me such a buzz , but its good medicine and the Dits and general camaraderie were priceless. Thank you to all the people behind the scenes that made this trip possible.


I have come home with a sense of achievement, totally knackered, but with a clear head and a feeling of belonging. Whilst the driving is challenging, at times hard graft and very enjoyable, it is the evenings, sat around a fire or under an awning chewing the fat with people who get you that also really helps.

Ross-Royal Signals

Vetrun180 are delivering an excellent opportunity for former service personnel from a wide spectrum of conflicts to do something which harps back to their former life in the military. Challenge, team work, living outdoors and having a good laugh. Great trip in good company.

Nigel-Royal Marines

It was so beneficial to be around other guys that suffer with PTSD as it made it easier for me to open up and speak about my problems. It took a few days for this to kick in but all of us being in the same boat and sharing cooking etc made it seamless. Listening to a lot of the others that have been veterans a while has opened my eyes and made me realize that there are a lot more of us out there that struggle with PTSD or struggle with other injuries.

The trip has also increased my network of brothers and I will be in contact with some of the guys over the next few months sharing experience and being an ear if needed.

Gary-Royal Engineers

Having left the Marines in the last two years, rehabilitation prior to that, social anxiety, physical inuries coupled with PTSD, I felt very nervous for about two weeks building up to the trip day, when I met the lads it was like being back in the Marines again; the banter was non stop a brilliant team of lads from various in the military and we all bonded straight away.
Matt is a relaxed bloke and that has helped a lot. We have all been through similar things in life. I of course was the best looking in the Team haha, in Summary there has not been a venture like this and I experienced a superb week of laughs, challenges and every person was someone I would stand side by side in a battle zone again.

Chris-Royal Marines

Throughout the week being in a vehicle for numerous hours and doubling up with people you get to chat about various scenarios and other people’s experiences are similar to yours at times, and lets you share your stories too.
On a whole the trip was very enjoyable, and at times some of the driving was demanding, down to weather conditions being wet, but not too demanding. I personally had a great week away and met some new friends, and since I’ve been back home it’s made me more focused and look at life in a more positive way, with the help of people I’ve met and the experience during the week at Vetrun180.


The expedition was a great chance to not only vary my physical rehabilitation, but spend some time around other veterans for a while. It was a sort of ‘release valve’ from the mundane day-to-day life of civvy street. It was great to be working as a team again, with lads that I’d only just met days before. And seeing them approach all the problems we encountered with the enthusiasm and positivity that they used to have.

Joe H - Royal Marines

Without sounding dramatic, VetRun has saved my life twice!

You really won’t understand what it has done for me. I’ve gone from a crying bumbling mess back in October to me seeing the invincibility I once had.

Looking at the blokes from afar, I saw it in them too!

Rob - Royal Engineers

An exceptionally well-planned expedition that really took veterans out of their comfort zones, taking them back to their roots by making them work together as a team. Thoroughly recommended for those needing to reconnect with themselves and start to carve out their future.

Rob - Royal Artillery