What We Do
Inspiring Adventures
VetRun180 take physically and mentally injured veterans on life changing expeditions to aid in their recovery, employment and well-being. We are conducting mid/long term research into how adventure, challenging expeditions and peer immersion dramatically improves veterans mental and physical well-being, resulting in positive outlooks and brighter futures.
How It Works
VetRun180 take direct applications from Veterans as well as referrals from DCMH centres, GP's, Recovery Cells or other Armed Forces Charities. The only requirement our veterans need to meet is that they received a medical discharge due to injuries (physical/mental) sustained in service. Also being diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to service after discharge.

We look to offer expeditions to cater for a whole spectrum of injuries from PTSD to multiple amputees. With our organic medical support and comprehensive insurances we aim to make our trips accessible to everyone.
Join The Team
If you are an injured veteran and would like to register your interest for a VetRun180 expedition please fill out the simple form below.