Ben served in the Army with 33 Royal Engineers EOD & Search. In September 2011 Ben was deployed to Afghanistan. When on a search task, Ben was hit by an IED resulting in the loss of both legs, internal injuries, damage to his hand and other damage from frag and shrapnel.

I was introduced too VetRun180 by one of the Team Leaders who asked if I would be interested in getting involved and join them on a trip over the Scottish Highlands in one of their adaptive Land Rovers. I jumped at the opportunity to be around the lads again! It was one amazing experiance with lots of banter and learning.
A few months pasted and I was asked if I would like to try out for a team leader role, taking a beneficieries over the Arctic Circle in Sweden. What an experience that was! The lads were great and it was amazing to see 6 new lads with mental health issues, transform back into their old selves from the experience they were getting from the expedition.
VetRun180 have trained me with some good qualifications, such as advance off road driving qualifications, first aid qualifications and recently a snowmobile license. Certifications aside they have also helped me develop skills that are used in the admin and networking side of things to. I feel purpose again, I enjoy working as team, I also enjoy working with the other team leaders and look forward to bringing in the new team leaders later on in the year!
It’s great to be a part of a team of Team Leaders that are 100% committed to helping other veterans, whether that be admin, planning, booking accommodation, booking flights, training other members, fund raising, networking, planning, checking in on the beneficiaries, helping them learn and develop and to make civilian transition/life easier! If you are eligible I highly recommend filling in the application forms and getting involved with the team.