In September 2020, in between COVID lockdowns, Vetrun180 ran another trip for military veterans. Gathering at Land Rover Experience in Skipton, the veterans were trained in Lantra 4X4 driving and first aid, before a road move up to Scotland and Dunattor Castle, where the Coast to Coast trip in commenced. The expedition took the veterans and the Land Rovers through some challenging terrain, at one point all getting stuck in the unforgiving highland peat. The veterans came together as a team in driving rain on more than one occasion to dig out the vehicles.

The route cut across Scotland, with kind permission of the landowners, the veterans were given the opportunity to see views and experience areas of the country rarely seen.

Past Events

Scotland 2020

1st Sep 2020
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England Coast to Coast 2020

31st Aug 2020
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Op Jogle-John O’Groats to Lands End

10th Aug 2020
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