In March 2019 VetRun180 will embark on one of the most challenging 4×4 expeditions to date, tackling the Empty Quarter from Dubai to Oman.

Fully funded, supported and documented the trip will take 10 injured veterans across one of the most beautiful, challenging and exciting environments on earth.

The Rub’ al Khali desert is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world, encompassing most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. The desert covers some 650,000 kmĀ² including parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. It is part of the larger Arabian Desert.

The trip will contribute to VetRun180’s ongoing medical research into the benefits of Adventure Therapy on the mental and physical well-being of veterans by re-immersing participants into peer led adventures which are proven to improve outlook and mental health.

For more information or to apply for the ‘Empty Quarter 2019’ please complete the short form on the home page.

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